Lent Services & Activities


This year our corporate Lenten Pilgrimage will include these things:

Wednesdays in Lent

at 10am we will be meditating on 2 Stations of the Cross before Mass starts at 10.30am. At 5pm we are also warmly invited to Stations of the Cross in the Chapel of the Holy Cross at Archbishop Holgate Hospital.


Fridays in Lent

there will be a Mass at S Helen’s at 12 noon followed by soup at the Rectory.

Please have a good think about who you might be able to invite to come along for Mass at noon followed by a simple lunch. Perhaps someone who lives on their own or someone who doesn’t get out much. Or just someone who would be interested in coming with you to church to see what it is about. These Friday lunches of worship and fellowship are perfect opportunities to invite someone new to join us. Please also sign up to help with making soups and providing bread.  For the first two weeks we’ll be in church.

Stations of the Cross will take place at 6.30pm in these locations:

Feb    16       Sacred Heart

           23       S Helen’s


Mar   2         Sacred Heart

           9         S Helen’s

           16       Sacred Heart

           23       S Helen’s   



All through Lent


Special Lenten devotional reading material is available in Church.


We get the name ‘Shrove Tuesday’ from the ancient tradition of people going to confession on the day before the start of Lent. They went to be ‘shriven’ of their sins. As the Prayer Book teaches, confession is a wonderful part of our Anglican heritage.

If you have never been to Confession but want to know more PLEASE, PLEASE ask for help. If you have slipped away from Confession, now is the perfect time to come back.

Fr Robert will be available for Confession at the usual times – see here, or book an appointment (01977 610507).


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Return to the Lord

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Christmass Confessions

reconciliation-3External preparations form part of the season of Advent: they help create the Christmas atmosphere of joy and expectation.  A lot of people are extremely busy at this time.  All this is part of the Advent season but it’s not the most important thing. Let us never lose sight of the utmost importance of our interior preparation to celebrate the first coming of Our Lord: by preparing my heart, so that Jesus may be happy” as the little girl once said with all the simplicity and truth which can only come from a child.  We do that, or rather God does that, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or Confession as it’s better known.  It offers us an important way of getting closer to God (or rather God getting close to us) – to be forgiven for our sins. As Pope Francis puts it “it’s an encounter with the Lord’s mercy which spurs us on to do our best”.

Confession is not a tool of spiritual one-upmanship for the highly committed and ultra-pious. It should be a normative part of the Christian life and above all something we should offer to new Christians and to the undecided.  How can we hold back from that wonderful joy of knowing God’s complete forgives us?  This beautiful sacrament has the power to renew your lives.

Now is the time to plan, prepare and make your Christmas Confession.  Is your heart ready to receive the Christ Child this Christmass?? Come and celebrate this sacrament of renewal and transformation. 


Tue 19 Dec:     6.00 – 6.30 pm

Wed 20 Dec*: 10.00 – 10.30am & 11am onwards

Thu 21 Dec: 6.00 – 6.30 pm

Fri 22 Dec: 6.00 – 6.30 pm

Sat 23 Dec: 10.00 – 10.30 am & 6.00 – 6.30 pm

Sun 24 Dec: 11.00 – 11.30 am & 10.30 – 11.00 pm

Or by appointment with Fr Robert (Tel: 01977 610507)


* On Wed 20 Dec Fr David will be available.



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Christmas Grand Draw Winners 2017

Prize Number Name
1st £50 Tesco Voucher 4121 Janet Brand

(Phone number)

2nd Bottle Box 3060 Barratt

(Phone number)

3rd Chocolate Hamper 4359 C. Slater

(Phone number)

4th 4 Cath Kidston Mugs 4631 Madge Murray

(Phone number)


Thank you to all who supported us by buying tickets and those who donated prizes!

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Christmas @ S Helen’s 17

Christmas Services Flyer 2017 - draft v2b.jpg

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01/12/2017 · 12:19 pm

New facilities blessed and inaugurated

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Christmass Craft Fair 2017


Calling all Crafty People….
If you’d like to run a craft stall please get in touch right away!


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Dedication Festival 2017

On Sunday 19 November at 5pm we celebrate our Dedication Festival – a day when we give thanks for our church building, those who built it and those who have maintained it.

Without a doubt, this year’s greatest achievement is finally creating a new ringing room, an accessible toilet and a modest kitchen facility – a massive undertaking which has required many, many years of planning, fundraising and bureaucracy, not to mention months of labour with beautiful craftsmanship.

Do come and join the celebration!

Advert 2017.jpg

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Remembrance Sunday 2017

Join the nation in remembrance and prayer.

Remembrance Sunday Ad 17.jpg

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All Saints 2017

We have a Sung Mass with Children’s Activities every Sunday at 9.45am to which everyone is very welcome.

However there are some extra special Sundays coming up which we would like to invite you to join us for:

All Saints Ad 2017.jpg

5 November


6.30pm (Sat night) First Evening Prayer
8.00am Said MASS
9.00am Morning Prayer
9.45am SUNG MASS & Children’s Liturgy            of the Word Group
5.00pm Evening Prayer


How wonderful is God among his saints; come, let us adore him!


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