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The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Road to Calvary - A4 Poster v2

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21/03/2017 · 3:49 pm

Join us for Mothering Sunday – 26 March

Ad for Mothering Sunday

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14/03/2017 · 3:06 pm

This Year’s Lent Charity

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Lent Services & Activities


This year our corporate Lenten Pilgrimage will include these things:

Wednesdays in Lent

at 10am we will be meditating on 2 Stations of the Cross before Mass starts at 10.30am. At 5pm we are also warmly invited to Stations of the Cross in the Chapel of the Holy Cross at Archbishop Holgate Hospital.


Fridays in Lent

there will be a Mass at S Helen’s at 12 noon followed by soup at the Rectory.

Please have a good think about who you might be able to invite to come along for Mass at noon followed by a simple lunch at the Rectory. Perhaps someone who lives on their own or someone who doesn’t get out much. Or just someone who would be interested in coming with you to church to see what it is about. These Friday lunches of worship and fellowship are perfect opportunities to invite someone new to join us. Please also sign up to help with making soups and providing bread.


Stations of the Cross will take place at 6.30pm in these locations:


Mar 3 S Helen’s

         10 Sacred Heart

          17 S Helen’s

        24 Sacred Heart

        31 S Helen’s

Apr 7 Sacred Heart


All through Lent


Special Lenten devotional reading material will be available in Church.


We get the name ‘Shrove Tuesday’ from the ancient tradition of people going to confession on the day before the start of Lent. They went to be ‘shriven’ of their sins. As the Prayer Book teaches, confession is a wonderful part of our Anglican heritage.

If you have never been to Confession but want to know more PLEASE, PLEASE ask for help. If you have slipped away from Confession, now is the perfect time to come back.

Fr Robert will be available for Confession at the usual times – see here, or book an appointment (01977 610507).


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Return to the Lord


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15/02/2017 · 10:30 am

Are You Ready for Your Life to be Changed?

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It’s Good to Talk

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Our Young People Celebrate

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Christmas @ S Helen’s 16


For the full list of services over the Christmas period see here.

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