Archbishop Holgate Hospital in Hemsworth


Born in Hemsworth in 1481 Robert Holgate who was Archbishop of York1545 to 1553, decreed in his will of 1555 that almshouses should be built to provide for persons aged 60 years or over from the ancient parishes of Hemsworth, Felkirk, South Kirkby, and Wragby.

The Hospital Today

The Hospital located in Robin Lane, Hemsworth, consists of 24 cottages situated within a thirteen acre site, plus Master and Porters accommodation a Chapel and a Board Room. There are extensive lawns, gardens and woodland, which create a magnificent ambience.  The almshouses are for either married couples or a single person. They are single storey and designed for retired individuals, and have a ‘warden call’ system. The residents live an independent life style, cook their own meals, and are responsible for their own interior decoration and housekeeping.

When residents are ill or in difficulties the staff at the almshouses provide support but  nursing care cannot be provided.

Chapel and Worship

The Archbishop Holgate Hospital residents are privileged to have a chapel where there are Sunday and daily services. The founder’s intentions were to provide homes for worthy churchmen and women who would continue to be faithful and regular worshippers when they moved from their local parishes to become part of the community. The residents are encouraged to maintain the links with their parish church.  The majority of residents attend services and they enjoy the fellowship within the community. The chapel is open to non residents, family members, and friends, who are welcome to attend services.

Registered Charity

The hospital is a registered charity no 221535. It is administered by a Board of Trustees.  The Rector of Hemsworth is an Ex-Officio trustee.

For Further Information

Please contact:

Mrs Ann Ullyott
The Clerk to the Trustees
Archbishop Holgate Hospital in Hemsworth
Robin Lane,

Tel: 01977 619797