A World First in Hemsworth?

Hemsworth Young People make a world first in eRinging

Sadly this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage had to be held at home and done virtually. As part of the programme Hemsworth young people achieved a world first: Live eRinging to call the faithful to Mass.

Throughout the lockdown Hemsworth ringers have been meeting virtually on RiningRoom to practice their art of church bell ringing from the safety of their own PC at home. However young pilgrims, who also happened to all be bell ringers wanted to try something new – coming together to ring online, but artificially amplified, so that their skills can still call the faithful to Mass – even at time when we sadly can’t safely ring the bells in our tower.

Amelia Johnson, one young pilgrim eRingers reflected:

I loved doing eRinging because it is nice to be with people to do bell ringing. It is nice to just do a type of ringing outside the church.

Fr Robert W Hart SSC, Rector of Hemsworth said:

Of course we prefer heavy metal, but we wanted to find a safe way to bring together our young people as we share our faith during the virtual Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage. One of the bells in our tower is from the 15th Century and has the inscription, “Maria Mater Dei: Miserere Mei” (Mary Mother of God Have mercy on me). Doing eRinging during a virtual pilgrimage in honour of Mary, Queen of All Creation seemed like a natural development of this. It was also a safe way of bringing together our young people who have been so badly affected by the social distancing required because of the Pandemic.

More photos of the Pilgrimage which also included Mass, bible studies on the theme of creation, camping, music, baking and discussions can be found here

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