Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2020

Join us for the 2020 Youth Pilgrimage:

Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August

Inseparable – Friends for Life

2020 Youth Pilgrimage – led by Bishop Philip North

The Youth Pilgrimage is a week of lively worship, teaching, fellowship and fun for 11-18 year olds.

Our friends are some of the most important and influential people in our lives. Often we have many different types of friends: best friends, school friends, sports team friends, church friends and people we are friends with on social media who we might not have ever met in person.

Friendship is a gift from God and our friendships should model Christ’s love for us. There are not many things in this world that are more valuable than true friendship. We are called to love our friends for who they are, not what they can offer us.

The 2020 Youth Pilgrimage will explore the theme of Christian friendship with its ups and downs, helping us to look to Christ as our model so that we can be the best friends possible.

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Photos from last year

A Report from last year

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