Feed the Hungry

What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6.8


An early Jewish writing tells us “the merit of a fast is in proportion to the charity dispensed.” We must have had a good Lenten Fast for we have been able to send over £600 of to Tariro our Lenten charity this year. On Wednesday 12 March Fr Nicolas Stebbing came from the Community of Resurrection to tell us about the wonderful work Tariro (a Shona word which appropriately means ‘hope’) is doing with young people in Zimbabwe – a beautiful country devastated by a corrupt government.  Fr Nicolas’ deeply moving talk inspired donations of £160 on the evening and a subsequent gift of £40 from the Fellowship as a whole.  On top of that we’ve managed to raise £200 from our Lenten Friday Soups and a further £200 from Lenten Almsgiving.  Furthermore our school still has some ongoing fundraising efforts.


In writing to thank us for the first donation Fr Nicolas wrote, “St Paul speaks in 1 Corinthians of the Church as a body and I find there is a reality to that when people in a small town in Yorkshire become aware of members of that body 5,000 miles away and give money to help them. The Body of Christ is not just a spiritual idea; it is very physical and it is a great joy for the people in Zimbabwe to find themselves being helped by other parts of the Body. I think also we in England are inspired and encouraged by the resilience and commitment of our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. It is a two-way traffic. I think as you become more aware of t he needs, progress and joys of our young people in Zimbabwe you will find yourselves enriched by them.”


Do please continue to support Tariro at least with your prayers!  More information can be found on their website www.tarirouk.co.uk and there are frequent updates on their Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/tarirouk


Our focus for charity must now turn closer to home – much closer to home: almost on our doorsteps.  For we have been approached by the Foodbank at Westfield Centre, South Elmsall.  They desperately need donations of non-perishable foods and toiletries to meet the increasing demand from people in need of an emergency stop gap from our own community.   A box will be placed in church and we have been asked if we donate:



Tea/coffee/sugar/UHT Milk

Dilute fruit juices

Jars of sauces: Bolognese/Pasta/Curry

Tinned: Soup/Fish/Meat/Beans/Vegetables/Tomatoes/Pasta/Fruit

Packets: Dried pasta/Instant pasta/Rice/Sauces

Stock Cubes/Gravy Granules

Desserts: Rice Pudding/Custard

Biscuits: Sweet & Savoury

Toilet Rolls & Toiletries


Once more we can be certain that everything donated goes exactly to where it’s needed and will be greatly appreciated.



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