A Report from Children’s Pilgrimage 2012

Children’s Pilgrimage 2012


On Friday 9th. March 2012 13 children and 3 adults left Pontefract and set out towards Walsingham Children’s Pilgrimage 2012.

When we arrived at Walsingham we were sent to our rooms, in St Joseph’s house, so that we could put our bags down. After that all of us went down to the refectory for our dinner. Next we all went to the Shrine for our first visit and we met Father Stephen and Bishop Lindsey once again. The best part is after the first visit we always receive a hot chocolate drink. Then we were all very tired so we went to bed.

The Shrine’s Stained Glass

The following day at 6.30 a.m. the boys thought it would be funny to do ‘knock a door run’ on me. At 7.00 a.m. we were allowed in the TV room so that we could watch football. One hour later at 8.00 a.m. all of us gathered together so that we could go for breakfast.

Next, while all the other parishes had to walk a mile to the Slipper Chapel, we were in the bus happy as can be waving at ev

eryone else. The Shrine is a mile away so that is the distance we had to walk barefoot for. When we arrived back at the Shrine my feet hurt like mad, all because I had thorns stuck in them.

After a service at the Shrine we were put into groups, a boy group and a girl group, for shopping.

In the afternoon we had the inflatable and fun day. I did kangaroo boxing with Eden, but that ended up pretty bad as I had a bruise on my head. Next we had a disco and it was amazing. Father Stephen ended up wrapp

ed up in toilet paper. After that we had a suitcase full of yummy sweets so we decided to play dares and have a midnight feast. Eventually we went to bed.

On the last day we had our final breakfast and then ran to the TV room to get ready to go to the beach. When we got off the bus Father Bob gave us all an ice-cream as a treat. After  two hours of playing football and having a rock and shell competition we all went back.

Next we went back for lunch and more shopping. After that we went for our last visit to the Shrine, called ‘Synchronised Sprinkling’. This meant that we had a bucket of Holy water thrown at us all.

Finally we packed the bus and left Walsingham to begin the journey home. We called at McDonald’s for a scrumptious dinner and then we continued our journey home.

At about 7.00 p.m. we arrived back at Pontefract to be greeted by our parents. Had we missed them? Not at all.

Written by Hope McCamley, aged 10.

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