A Call to Prayer

The General Synod of the Church of England will be meeting between 6th – 9th February and the main item on the agenda will be the Ordination of Women Bishops.  This will be an extremely important Synod for the future (and unity) of the Church of England.  Accordingly the Diocese of Wakefield branch of the Society of S Wilfrid and S Hilda have organised a Novena (nine days of intense prayer) from 1st – 9th of February. Various parishes are responsible for organising each day.  Our Day of Prayer will be Wednesday 8 February.  We shall celebrate Mass at 10am followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 6pm when there will be Evening Prayer and Benediction.


  • regard this important initiative as a very high priority.
  • sign up a time of praying before the Blessed Sacrament to ensure there is a continuous watch.
  • where possible support other parishes

You can also use the intentions and the following prayer in your own daily prayer:

O God,

 who care for your people with gentleness and rule them with love, endow with a spirit of wisdom the members of the General Synod charged with making serious decisions concerning your Church.

May they be led to know the truth more fully and make such decisions that will help all your people to grow in holiness, unity and peace according to your will.


Our Father ….  Hail Mary …   Glory be …

Organising Parishes and intentions for the nine days of the

Novena of prayer for the Church of England

Wednesday 1st February at Christ Church, Staincliffe

Intention: The Preservation of the Catholic and Apostolic faith in the Church of England

Thursday 2nd February at St Helen’s Athersley

Intention: The House of Bishops

Friday, 3rd February at St Peter’s, Barnsley

Intention: The House of Clergy

Saturday, 4th February at St Peter’s, Horbury

Intention: The House of Laity

Sunday, 5th February at Ryhill & Sharlston

Intention: The Catholic Group

Monday, 6th February at Southowram

Intention: Proper provision

Tuesday, 7th February at St Thomas’s, Huddersfield

Intention: Those involved in the debate

Wednesday,  8th February at St Helen’s, Hemsworth

Intention: The success of the Following Motion

Thursday, 9th February at St Luke’s, Grimethorpe

Intention: The future of the Church of England

The Brethren of the Community of the Resurrection will be praying from 5.15 – 6.00pm each day for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on General Synod and for a spirit of tolerance and generosity.

For more up to date information about the Novena see: www.sswshwakefield.co.uk

For a more detailed explanation of where we’re up to see: www.bishopofbeverley.couk/news.htm


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