Spiritual Preparations for Christmass

“I know that people have many commitments, but getting ready for Christmas does not only mean shopping and making preparations, it means being in contact with the Lord, going out to meet him. I feel it is important not to forget this dimension. … This is not an additional burden, but the power that enables us to do all we need to do. I hope you maintain permanent contact with Jesus, that his joy and strength might help you to live in this world.”  – Pope Benedict XVI


Christmas Confessions

Now is the time to plan, prepare and make your Christmas Confession.  The essence of confession is the sacramental grace that Christ gives to our soul through the ministry of his priest. When we open our hearts to him through sincere repentance and honest confession of our sins within the sacrament of reconciliation, we receive an infusion of grace that forgives our sins, strengthens our spiritual weakness, and increases the bond of our supernatural friendship with Christ.


Confession is not a tool of spiritual one-upmanship for the highly committed and ultra-pious. It should be a normative part of the Christian life and above all something we should offer to new Christians and to the undecided.  How can we hold back from that wonderful joy of knowing God’s complete forgives us?  This beautiful sacrament has the power to renew your lives.


Is your heart ready to receive the Christ Child this Christmass?? See the previous post for times when you can celebrate this sacrament of renewal and transformation.  On Wednesday morning Fr David will spend some time in the Confessional.


Prayerful Preparations

Amidst the busyness of the last few days before Christmas we shall make our final prayerful preparations by spending half an hour in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10am.  Do join us.


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