Something to be proud of…

Something that we have known for a long time is now official: S Helen’s School is something to be proud of. During May our school received two statutory inspections firstly from Ofsted and then a Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS). Both sets of inspectors had very positive things to say about our school.

The Ofsted inspectors arrived as Year 6 pupils were busy sitting their SATs and yet everyone made them feel very welcome. They said that the pupil’s “cheerful attitudes and polite manner impressed us greatly.” Furthermore the inspectors said, “Pupils’ progress is advancing quickly owing to the recent improvements made in teaching and pastoral care.…The school demonstrates good care, guidance and support for pupils.” The Early Years Foundation Stage was also considered to be a strength of the school and the headteacher, deputy headteacher, senior leaders and governors were all praised for tackling barriers which in the past had led to lower standards, disappointing behaviour and problems with the budget.

Again the SIAS inspector found our children to be, “polite, well behaved, tolerant, caring and happy.” He said that S Helen’s was a Good Church of England school which had the potential “to become outstanding in its mission to serve its local community through its distinctive and inclusive Christian character. Having attended an “exceptional” school mass, he recognized collective worship as established strength of the school and particularly praised “the remarkable way that the parish and school community worship regularly together.” He also commended “the vision, commitment and effectiveness of senior leaders and governors” and the “Children’s willingness to consider faith ideas seriously and with some prepared to make serious personal choices about what they believe.” The inspection report therefore concludes, “Hemsworth is a parish that sees St Helen’s as its own school and key to its future. School and church work, worship and pray together for mutual support and inspiration. This close partnership is reflected by some long-standing service in both communities of people connected with the school.” Mrs Henderson, Mrs Jennings, staff, governors and our children should all be thanked and congratulated for their hard work and should be greatly encouraged as they continue to make our school something to be truly proud of.

The full text of the Ofsted report can be found at:

The full text of the SIAS report can be found at:


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