Our friends in heaven…

Friends are, of course, very important people in our lives.  We talk to them,  we share things with them and we ask their advice.  Often they are people from whom we learn things about ourselves and life.  We have “spiritual” friendships with people who live in heaven.  We call them “Saints” and often seek their help as we would a neighbour or friend here on earth.

Someone is declared to be a saint because during their lifetime they have loved God and their neighbour in a heroic and exemplary way. They are believed to now live in heaven.  Just as is the case with human friendships, we feel drawn to befriend these “spiritual friends” (Saints) because we feel, that we have something in common with them.  Our loving Father and our mother the Church wants us to know that we are not alone.  In every situation, every circumstance, every location there are saints praying for us.  The saints are not just pristine marble statues lining the walls of our churches; they are real men and women whose stories we can relate to and, along our journey, we can ask for help from.

Saint Helen is our special saint in heaven.  We celebrate her feast day on 21 May.  Naturally this is a very important day in the life of our parish.  A full programme for S Helen’s Day can be found below.  This year we are very fortunate to be able to welcome Fr George Nairn-Briggs SSC as guest preacher at our Patronal Mass.  Fr George was formerly the Dean of Wakefield and is a gifted preacher. We are also fortunate to be able to welcome some visiting singers so the Mass will include music by Byrd and Palestrina.  All being well it will be nice day so that we will be able to conclude Mass with a Procession of the Relic into the grounds of the Arts and Community College and finish off with a ‘Bring and Share’ Buffet.  Once more we look forward on this occasion to be joined by our friends from neighbouring parishes.  It is sincerely hoped all members of our congregation will regard this day has a very high priority and that everyone will join in honouring Saint Helen our patron and seeking her prayers for the people of Hemsworth.

S Helen’s Tide Celebrations

Friday 20 May

7.00pm Vigil – A quite reflective service of preparation.    Incorporating Evening Prayer, Benediction   and opportunities for confession.

Saturday 21 May – S Helen’s Day

9.00am  Morning Prayer

9.30am  Rosary

12.00noon  Patronal Festival Mas followed by Procession of the Relic of S Helen

Concluded with a Bring and Share Buffet

Wednesday25 May

10.30am School Mass in Church  –  Please come and support our children as they celebrate their Patron Saint.


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