House for the Church on the move!!

All being well work will soon begin at S Helen’s to enable disabled access to our church.  This means we will need to close the church from 28 June until 23 July.  Nevertheless the worship of God continues.  Masses on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will be at school; Tuesday Masses will be at Archbishop Holgate Hospital and Masses on Thursday and Friday will be in the Rectory Lounge.  Should it be necessary to have any funerals then Fr Anthony Fenton has kindly given permission for our funeral services to take place at Sacred Heart RC Church.  The daily will offices will be celebrated in the Rectory Lounge unless they immediately precede a mass in which case they will be in the same location as the mass.

Whilst this will certainly be a little more inconvenient for some and perhaps a little strange for all of us, we should view this experience positively.  Since the time of the exodus in the desert the People of God have always been a people on  the move.  We are a pilgrim people.  The now Bishop of Reading once said, “It is no coincidence that the first Christians were called followers of the Way.  It is still the case that the best metaphor of the Christian life is journey or pilgrimage.”  It is therefore hoped that all parishioners will support one another to enable this period to be a time of renewal and grace.

On Sunday 27 June at 3pm we will need to turn the rectory lounge into a chapel and set up a worship space in school.  All help would be gratefully received.


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