Appeal Update

We have petitioned for a faculty (a permission) to be able to complete all the work necessary for the disabled access.  This has been accepted, so hopefully we will be able to begin the 28 day notification period very shortly.  The PCC has accepted the tender of D Hare Construction Ltd. So all being well we can begin work on this phase of the project before too long.  This work is so very important to making our church accessible to every member of our community and providing a welcoming entrance to every visitor.  It is decades, if not centuries over due!!!!!  Unfortunately however, we still have to raise about £5,000 before we can begin.  Whilst we are grateful for the effort already made by individuals, groups and schools within our community we are still dependent upon them for  further generous donations to be able to complete this next phase as soon as possible.  Please spread this message far and wide!


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