Men at Work

Anybody who has been past church recently can clearly see that work has finally begun on the second phase of our restoration and renewal project.  This work  includes: 1) repairs to tower roof and limited repointing of parapets, 2) renewal of the valley gutter between the nave and North aisle roofs, 3) reslating of the South slope of the North Aisle roof, 4) reslating of the South aisle roof, 5) reslating the chancel roof and 6) renewal of valley gutter between the South East Chapel and the chancel roofs.  This is a major undertaking and is expected to cost approximately £106,000 and could last up to four months.  Hopefully the disruption to the use of the building will be kept to a minimum whilst this essential work takes place.

Thankfully we have recently received news that we have been promised two grants towards the cost of this work: £3,000 from Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and £10,000 from the National Churches Trust.  One of the conditions for the latter grant is that we print the following article:

National Churches Trust

Now is a good time for anyone who is passionate about churches, chapels and meeting houses to join as a Friend or donate to the National Churches Trust.

The National Churches Trust was launched in 2007 as the only national, non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting places of worship used by Christian denominations throughout the UK. The Trust promotes the use of these buildings by congregations and the wider community – underlying their importance to society. The Trust advocates the conservation of places of worship of historic value for the use and enjoyment of future generations.

How you can help

  • The trust receives no financial aid from government or church authorities. You can help by joining as a Friend from as little as £20 a year. The Friends’ Scheme is in development. The more people that join, the stronger our voice will be. Information is available on our website or by telephone.
  • We are developing our Volunteers’ Programme. If you are interested in giving some time to help us please contact us.
  • Make a donation online at our website via your credit card using the ‘Give now’ secure facilities provided by the Charities Aid Foundation, which enables you to increase the value of your git, at no extra cost to yourself, if you are a UK taxpayer.
  • If you would like to consider remembering us in your will, please contact the office to ask about legacies, or visit our website.

National Churches Trust

Tel: 020 7600 6090

Further information is available at the back of church.  Another condition of the grant is that at least five members of the congregation join as friends of the trust for a minimum of three years.  To become a Friend, please see Margaret Hyde who has the necessary forms.


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