Appeal Update

The complete renewal of the electrical and lighting systems is scheduled to begin on Tuesday 8 July.

Our project has received further support and commendation from Councillors Glyn Lloyd and Tracey Hardwick of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.

Already we have gratefully received almost £3,500 in donations from individuals and groups.  In addition we should be able to claim some money back from the government via the gift-aid scheme (for donations where the declaration has been signed).  Of course we’ve still got a long way to go to meet our £200,000 target but we express our sincere thanks to those who have already given.  If you haven’t already donated or you would like to make another gift, please make cheques payable to “Restoration and Renewal Fund of Hemsworth PCC”.  Signing a gift-aid declaration enables us to receive more from your generosity, at no extra cost to yourself.


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