Appeal Update

We have been delighted to have received £300 from Hemsworth Arts and Community College which they raised at their pantomime.  We’ve also received a £1000 grant from WMDC’s Community Chest scheme and a £5000 grant from the Number One Trust Fund.

All being well major works should begin later this month.  These will include: 1) repairs to tower roof and limited repointing of parapets, 2) renewal of the valley gutter between the nave and North aisle roofs, 3) reslating of the South slope of the North Aisle roof, 4) reslating of the South aisle roof, 5) reslating the chancel roof and 6) renewal of valley gutter between the South East Chapel and the chancel roofs.  The work is expected to last at least 4 months and is expected to cost approximately £106,000


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